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World Economics Institute - Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

World Economics Institute is a research unit, not a education unit. It studies the hot topics in the world economic affairs. Its current Director is Professor Zhu Zhongdi at the School of International Business Management. The staffs of World Economics Institute are highly fluidity, normally currently composed by members of research topics, their cost also covered by research fees. So, we can say that this institute is a “Three nothing” research unit, that is, no any payment comes from University, no fixed staffs, and no person, even the Director can be listed into any administrator ranks. But this “Three nothing ” research unit and its staffs have published more than 20 articles on and other academic journals which listed into First class B by University, and also have studied 3 National research projects and 5 Ministerial or province level projects. World Economics Institute input less and output more, is a newly designed and flexibility organization.

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